Years 5 and 6 News

1st April 2019
Well done Year 5 and 6 for another very hard-working week. In Year 6 English lessons, we have very much enjoyed our novel studies. As part of this work, the children have thought about a number of exciting journeys and life stories, they have written about how journeys can change people including fiction characters such as Jim Jarvis. In maths, we have focused on revision of place value and units of measurement including work with 7 and 8-digit numbers, decimal numbers, and units to measure length and mass. We have also completed a number of word problems involving money. In science, we have learned about the adaptions that have evolved in plants and animals to cope with extreme habitats. To prepare for SATs, we have read extensively and discussed the meaning of new words to increase our knowledge of vocabulary. We have also completed a number of papers to build our test technique. Thank you very much for all of your support from home in continuing to prepare your child for SATs. Just to remind you that SATs week begins on Monday the 13th of May with the Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation paper. The reading paper is on the 14th of May. We will then complete the maths papers on the 15th and 16th of May. Please remember that the best preparation is little and often and includes reading as widely as possible and completing Mymaths/ Times tables Rock activities. Year 5 have begun a new topic of work in English, centred around the magnificent Planet Earth 2 presented by David Attenborough. We have analysed how a narrator uses language to grab the viewer's attention and written our own opening scenes script for an episode. We have also researched the problems with using single use plastic and written a persuasive piece answering the question 'should single-use plastic be banned?' In our Maths lessons, we have continued to look at decimals, including: sequencing and ordering decimals and understanding the relationship between fractions, before we move on to percentages next week. In our Topic lessons we have looked at the tallest mountains in the UK and labelled them on a map. Well done, Year 5!