Years 3 and 4 News

1st April 2019
Year 3 and Year 4 have been rehearsing for our Easter Service which is on Tuesday 2nd April at 11am in St Nicholas’ Church. It would be great to see you there if you can make it. Year 3 have enjoyed learning about fractions this week. First we looked at unit and non-unit fractions. We identified the numerator and the denominator. We then looked for different ways to make one whole. The children then learned about tenths and how to represent them in different ways. In English the children watched the story 'Dragon Slayer'. They explored the story using questioning skills and conscience ally. The children used powerful language to retell the events from a battle scene. In RE the children reflected on the events from Holy Week. They worked in role to explore how the disciples may have felt during this time. Year 4 have been super stars in Maths, working with decimals and fractions. They have been confidently showing tenths and hundredths on a number line, place value grid and partitioning the decimal in different ways. In Literacy, Year 4 have been enthralled by our class novels and have written an excellent book review with illustration. Stage two, of our design unit was impressive with children having a go at hammering and planning their final chairs. We are looking forward to singing for you next week at church.