Upper Key Stage 2 News

18th January 2019
Well done to all of our hard-working and very sensible Year 5 and 6 children. They’ve all made us so proud this week! Year 6 certainly ‘let their light shine’ in our Family Collective Worship on Thursday. I’m sure you will agree that their singing and story-telling were amazing, a real credit to all of us! In Year 6, we’ve continued to study the features of balanced arguments. We’ve written reports following our highly topical study of palm oil production and whether zoos have a place in a compassionate society. We’ve also revised spelling rules words which include the ‘ough’ letter string and grammar rules for complex sentences. In maths, we’ve completed work on geometry including reflection and translation of shapes on the four quadrants of a graph, we’ve confidently applied our knowledge to a number of problem solving tasks. In science, we’ve looked at the chambers and valves of the heart in our study of the circulatory system. We’ve also continued with our comparison of the Vikings and Saxons and produced Saxon illuminated letters in art. This week during our maths lessons, Year 5 have secured their knowledge and skills when using a formal method for multiplication and division. We have just began our work on fractions; the children have shown resilience and perseverance when using their times table knowledge to find equivalent fractions. It was lovely to hear comments from the children saying how much they had enjoyed their fraction work! We have continued to delve deeper into the plot of 'Wonder'. Some of the children were surprised to learn about an action from a particular character, Jack, and wrote with empathy and understanding to describe what had happened. Year 5 enjoyed their visit from Justine from Vision for Education who came to talk to the children about a competition whereby the children can design and make their own planet. The designs that the children have started to make look fascinating so far! We look forward to sharing some photos with you next week.