Upper Key Stage 2 News

22nd June 2018
Year 5 have been engrossed in different International activities, with a focus on Eastern Europe, as it is our thematic focus this term. In Literacy, we have been researching, designing and writing our own brochure about the fascinating country of Poland with a focus on persuasive language and modal verbs. We took part in International dance workshops and have been learning the flags of the world. In Maths, Year 5 have been revising multiplying 3 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers. We have also been using our times table knowledge by finding the area of a shape.
In Year 6 this week, the children have enjoyed celebrating International World Cup week and immersed themselves in their countries through various activities, including: researching and presenting fact files, map work, baking, artwork and World Cup maths investigations. In English, the children have finished reading the novel Holes and have analysed the main character, illustrated the final scene and written a summary of the book. In Maths, the children have been revising properties of 2D shapes and how to calculate missing angles of shapes. On Wednesday, the children visited the JLV and took part in a Science transition afternoon where they carried out different experiments and which they thoroughly enjoyed. Phew, another busy week in the life of a Year 6!