Lower Key Stage 2 News

18th January 2019
This week, Year 3 have been learning the formal written method for multiplication and have been using place value counters to divide. In English we have been learning about a range of countries and organising our information into paragraphs. In RE we learned about the story of creation. The children reflected on wonder in nature and wrote instructions that God might give us to look after our world. In science we have been investigating a range of reflective materials. This week in year 4 we have been exploring newspaper structure. The children have begun to create their own news story, either about the plight of the Orangutan or about a new animal that has been discovered. In maths we have been learning expanded and compact multiplication. Our Science topic on human digestion has lead us to do a lot of spitting into test tubes. The children were investigating the enzymes in our spit and how they break down starch. We have also been looking at tooth decay and have begun a week long experiment to observe the effects of different liquids on egg shells.