Key Stage 1 News

18th January 2019
Year One have had a very sporty week this week! On Monday we enjoyed our first Multiskills session with our coach Nic where we practiced balancing in different ways, then on Tuesday morning we had a Judo taster session. In English we have continued our work on the story Man on the Moon by Simon Bertram, this week writing from the aliens point of view! In Maths we have been practicing bonds to 10 and 20, and using number lines and tens frames to add two small numbers. In Science we looked at lots of different objects and sorted them into groups depending on the material they were made from. The adults were very impressed with the children's use of scientific vocabulary to describe some of the properties of the materials! Next week we will start our new Science topic on Materials, with lots of investigations planned! This week Year 2 have had a very enjoyable week, having fun and learning loads of exciting information and skills across all sessions. In Maths the children have begun their Statistics unit. The children were able to conduct their own research into which colour and fruit were the most and least popular amongst their classmates. The children learned how to take tallies and used tally charts to collect the data from their peers before displaying the results with a pictogram. The children were very impressive with their ability to gather and produce data results in such a clear and sensible manner. In English the children have continued to look at fairy tales and have written exciting wanted posters for a cheeky character who has been misbehaving in the fairy tale world. The children have also been looking at different types of sentence and are beginning to understand commands, statements, questions and exclamations. What an impressive year group! In Topic we have been researching interesting explorers and producing posters with some of their achievements and facts about their lives. In RE we have looked at the main beliefs of Muslims. The children had a lot of fun during this weeks Judo tasters, pictures of which you may have seen on Twitter. More information is included on the leaflets that went home and on this week's newsletter.