In the Early Years Foundation Stage we try to establish self-motivated and self-regulated learners.  We want our children to manage their own behaviour and learning as independently and effecitvely as possible from an early age.  To do this we involve many HighScope strategies.
Involve children in the 'Plan, do and review' approach
Ensure children have the opportunities to follow their own interests
Provide easily acces-sible interest areas with a variety of materials
Involve children in solving problems with materials and space constraints
Observe and listen to children as they play
Play with the children, participating as partners in their play
When teaching we refer to the class 'Moving on Map', encouraging children to think about how they can move their learning forward independently
Record observations of the children, noting assessments from development matters and the characteristics of learning so Staff, Key workers and Parents have information for future planning and learning
By encorporating all these strategies in the Early Years, children see that they can make things happen and that their choices and ideas are respected.  
'Plan, do and review' helps children to develop self-confidence, a sense of control and independence.  With experience of plan-do-review, children's language becomes increasingly more detailed and complex, their vocabularies grow as they convey what they are learning, and they become confident communicators.