Focus Weeks

Every week is a 'Focus week’ in Reception.  This is when parental questionnaires are used to check with parents what their child's special interests are, what they like doing at school and what they enjoy at home.  

We invite the child to tell us what they already know about their favoutie topic and what they'd like to know more about, providing opportunities to create and think critically.  Staff in Reception use 'mind maps' to help children clarify their thinking and plans for their week.

Every child gets an opportunity to share favourite books, a favourite piece of music, a 'special object and we personalise activities around their special interests.  Focus weeks motivate learning, encourage questioning, planning, descision making, thought and investigation.  Special interests so far have included Pets, Gardening, Superheroes, Castles, Aeroplanes, the Gruffalo, learning the Ukulele, Baking, Birthdays etc.  Focus child week’s are also used to observe and assess children whilst in their play and report back to parents.