Focus Week, Dinosaurs and Space

Ryan and Enes chose Space and Dinosaurs to study as part of their 'Focus Week's.  We all had a fantasticly interesting time!

Whilst learning about Dinosaurs we had a delivery of Dinosaur Eggs!  We conducted experiments, dissolving different eggs in different liquids and watching the results (see our video below!)  We were amazed by studying the fragile eggs and disolving them.  We even discovered a baby Tyranosaurus inside one egg!

Thinking about Space the children experienced a class Alien Invasion- we experimented with textures of different space gloops and sampled dehydrated Astronaut Foods!  We also designed our own Aliens!

These different themes were an excellent motivation for introducing new discussions, vocabulary and inspiring writing.  All the opportunities providing many different genres for writing.

As the Focus weeks were so successful, the Butterflies and Ladybirds decided to go on a class visit to the Hancock Museum.  There we all became Archiologists, digging for fossils, discovering  new dinosaur facts and looking at all the Dinosaur exhibitions.  We also visited the Museum's Planetarium where we learnt even more about space and astronomy and enjoyed looking at the stars.  Thank you to all the children for their superb behaviour and for being shining examples whilst out for the day!