Attendance Heroes – Fifteen Day Challenge

27th January 2018
Firstly, and most importantly, a BIG well done and thank you to all of our children who received their 100% Attendance Certificate at the end of the Autumn Term 2017. As we are all aware, regular and punctual attendance at school is important to children for so many reasons. Children achieve well academically when they attend school each day, are able to form more positive relationships with other children and adults and feel a real part of their class and our school.
During the next 15 school days, beginning on Monday 22nd January through to Friday 9th February, we are aiming for all of our children to be ‘Attendance Heroes,’ where they are Here, Everyday, Ready and On time. Every Attendance Hero in school will be rewarded with an Attendance Hero sticker to celebrate their efforts. The highest attending classes at the end of the fifteen days will also earn themselves fifteen extra minutes of playtime! We’re looking forward to seeing all of our Attendance Heroes in school, every day, ready and on time