Winter Extra Curricular Clubs

10th January 2020

For some of the sporting clubs we buy in external coaches to run them. During the winter months the weather and daylight are against us so we try to limit some of the sporting extra-curricular activities as we have found that coaches often have to cancel them at late notice when the weather is poor. We’ve also found that some of the younger children prefer to do the outdoor sporting clubs when the weather is a little warmer. Once the nights get lighter and the weather starts to warm up a little during Spring 2 and the Summer term we will always increase the range of sporting activities to children across the whole school including, but not limited to: KS2 football, KS2 Rugby, KS2 Archery, KS2 Cricket, KS1 Little Movers, KS1 Football and KS1 sporty games. If you have any ideas that you'd like us to consider, please feel free to speak to Mr Beck. It is lovely to see such enthusiasm from our children for sporty and healthy activities. This term, we have added some additional indoor sports activities within the school day including Yoga for Reception and Year 1 and Pilates for Year 6. With 2020 being an Olympic year we are already very excited about organising even more activities linked to the Olympic and Paralympic Games which will be held in Japan later on this year.