Attendance and Punctuality Spring Challenge

13th January 2020

As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting good attendance and punctuality at school, this spring half term, we will be celebrating children’s excellent attendance and punctuality. During the next five weeks (from Monday 13th January to Friday 14th February), we will be we will be holding an Attendance and Punctuality Challenge where, at the end of the challenge, we will identify all children whose attendance is above 98% within that specific period and put their names into a school raffle. There will be three gift voucher prizes in total. All children who achieve this target will also be rewarded with a celebratory sticker. There is an awful lot of evidence which clearly shows that excellent attendance and punctuality positively impacts upon a child’s success with learning, enabling them to achieve well and be the very best that they can be. Like all parents and carers, as a school, we have a shared responsibility to ensure that children attend school regularly and promptly. Thank you for your ongoing support with this.